No Judgments, Just Jesus

Monday October 5th Prayer and Scripture

Remind Me of Your Steady Power

O God,

this is a hard time,

a season of confusion,

   a frantic rush

      to fill my closets,

         my schedule,

            and my mind,

only to find myself empty.


Give me hope, Lord,

and remind me

   of your steady power

      and gracious purposes

that I may live fully.

Renew my faith

   that the earth is not destined

      for dust and darkness,

   but for frolicking life

      and deep joy

that, being set free

   from my anxiety for the future,

I may take the risks of love


~By Ted Loder

Scripture: Romans 12: 2

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the will of God- what is good and acceptable and perfect.


Almighty God, we pray to you as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…

Most Holy One, you are the maker of heaven and earth…

God; I am reminded of who you are. 

You stretched out the sky and hung all the stars…

Maker; I am in awe of the magnitude of your glory. 

From the delicate butterfly to the stout elephant.  From the fragrant flower to the mighty oak tree. From the trickling stream to the majestic mountains.  You made them all with your hands…

Creator; Your beauty is endless.

You wove us together in our mother’s womb to be unique and special in our own way.  We are perfect in Your sight…

Heavenly Father; Your love for us is immeasurable.

You invite me to build my life upon You…

Ebenezer; You are the rock I wish to stand upon.

You placed a rainbow in the sky; a reminder of Your promise…

Covenant Keeper; Your faithfulness is reassuring.

Your path leads me to the safety of Your arms…

Rescuer; You save me from myself.

From the personal struggles I wrestle with daily, to the challenges that engulf our society…

Defender; You are my strength and shield.

Into a hopeless and dark world, You sent Your son Jesus…

Merciful God; how precious is your gift.

Jesus, you died for us and took our sins upon yourself…

Lamb of God; we are humbled by Your Grace.

You rose again.  The tomb is empty…

Death-Conqueror”; in You all things are possible.

Into our souls You breathed life…

Holy Spirit; You are our abiding comfort.

You promise never to leave us…even to the end of the age…

Immanuel; You are with us. Amen.



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