No Judgments, Just Jesus

Children: JAMTime

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Sundays, 10:30 – 11:30 a.m
J.A.M. (Jesus And Me) Time is our AWESOME children’s ministry for kids 3 years old through 6th Grade!

Our Purpose:
To share the amazing story of the Christian faith in such a way that children fall in love with Jesus!

We offer a volunteer-friendly rotation-workshop model that reinforces our message with a high-energy approach. We begin with a 15-minute opening, followed by 50-minute rotations. The rotations are

Through this particular site, Children learn the bible message through various games such as family feud, jeopardy, human board games, and much more!

Cuttin and Struttin is the place to express their bible knowledge through creative crafts!  From painting and tie dying to clay molding and beading we do it all!

Do you are or children like dramas, storytelling, or movies?  Come to Pleasin Plots and see biblical stories brought to life!

Everyone loves a good snack! Children get hands-on experience measuring , mixing and baking up bible recipes!

Come and join us! We love to see new faces! We’ll make it the best hour of your child’s entire week!

JAM Time runs the Sunday after Labor Day through the Sunday before Memorial Day Weekend.