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Emergency Congregational Meeting – September 23, 2018 at 11:45 a.m.

Sunday, September 16, 2018 Congregational Announcement

Good Morning,
This announcement is an attempt to keep the congregation informed as to the physical state of

As you are aware Immanuel suffered a significant water event the weekend of GermanFest and
in the days that followed. The water event, at a minimum, caused the loss of all carpet in the
basement, damage to flooring and walls and some loss to odds and ends. Due to moisture in
the building, damage may be ongoing. But, more on that later.

It needs to be recognized during the ongoing water event many members of the congregation
and even friends of Immanuel heeded the call to pitch in to mitigate the ongoing damage.
These efforts include time, talent and treasure. As of today, members are still responding to
the call to help heal Immanuel.

As to the current physical state of Immanuel:
 * Ruined items have been removed.
 * Water damaged carpets have been removed (a labor intensive task).
 * Furniture has been placed in dry areas.
 * For the time being the basement is off limits due to concerns about mold.

Efforts are being made to learn what are the next steps and costs associated with them.
In regards to the last item a member of the Property Mission, better known as the Property
Committee, will be meeting with the company PLM on Monday to get details on the repair
process, time needed and estimated costs. It is our understanding the repair process will not
be cheap. Therefore, it seems prudent to inform the congregation of the need for an
emergency congregational meeting next Sunday after second service. This would be to present
further information on courses of action, costs associated and to ask for approval to spend
funds in excess of what Consistory is able to authorize in order to heal Immanuel physically. So,
please consider this as official notice of a congregational meeting next Sunday. If the meeting is
not needed it can always be cancelled and rescheduled at a more appropriate time. Because
this is an unfolding saga, as information becomes available it will be shared. In short watch for
emails from Jenny.

Physically we are challenged, but spiritually we are built on the rock of Jesus Christ, and we
shall overcome and endure. Thank you for your perseverance.


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