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The I, the We, and the Child (Trinity Sunday)

Below is what was shared on Trinity Sunday. It is a modified version (for the sake of the Powerpoint screen) of Dan Wilt’s “The I, the We, and the Child.” You can find the original full version at Dan’s sight by clicking here.

The I, The We, and The Child

In the beginning was the I…
The I was somehow more than one…
The great I, was really a great We.
The We was a community, within the I.
The I was a We. The We was an I…
The We formed a circle, and danced a dance of mutual love and joy.
The We wanted to share the dance… to extend the circle of love and joy.
So… the We made Children.

The We opened the circle,
and invited the Children into the dance.
The Children joined in.
The Children were each an i – an individual with individuality.
Each Child, each i, made for a we with the other Children.
Each i, each we, made to share love and joy with the I, that is, with the We.
The We and the Children danced in the warm, white light of love.

Then, a whisper came from the cold dark beyond the dance, to a Child.
“You could be an I,” said the voice.
A Child listened. Then, another Child.
“You could be more than an individual with individuality.
You could be like the I.”
An Individual. As great as the We.
The Children wanted to be an I, even the only Individual.
A Child’s desire moved from the We.
The We was no longer the Child’s dream.
A Child’s individuality became individualism.
A Child stepped away from the dance.
The We reached out.
The Child stepped back.
The We reached out again.
The Child stepped away.
The Child turned.
The Child walked into the cold dark,
desiring to become an I.

Then the We did something
the We had never done before.
The We opened up…
An I of the We, carrying the hot, red love of the We, ran to the Child’s side.
The I walked with the Child.
The I talked with the Child.
The I cried with the Child.
The I hoped with the Child.
The I explained to the Child,
that a Child is an i.
An i is made to dance with a we,
and an i is made to dance with an I,
and an i is made to dance with a We.
The Child was not made to become an I.
The Child was made to share mutual love and joy with the we, and with the We.
The I wrapped the cold Child in its hot, red light of love, lifted the Child,
and began the journey back to the We.
The hot, red light of love moved
through the Child, in the Child,
for the Child – to heal the Child.
The cold had reached within;
the I would do its work…

The Child and the I
are still on that journey.
Back to the We.
Back to the warm, white light.
Back to the dance of love.


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