No Judgments, Just Jesus


Every five years the church offers me the privilege of sabbatical. This affords me the opportunity to pursue educational opportunities that would not be available otherwise. This time of planning, studying, and resting both enriches and refreshes my heart and mind, thus making me a better minister to all.

This sabbatical begins on June 5. During my absence, Emma Landowski, Mike Mattek, and Reverend Howard Kussler will be filling in to perform my preaching duties. I am especially excited for the great opportunity this affords Emma – our Member in Discernment and Seminary Student – to hone and practice skills that will aid her (and those she ministers to) in the future.

Sabbatical is also a good opportunity for our church to be reminded that I am not the “center” of this church, but rather, that Christ is! And I am fully confident that Emma, Mike, and Howard will make every effort to keep Christ at the center. You can aid them by praying for them, supporting them, and providing your faithful presence to encourage them in their efforts. Also know that if any pastoral needs arise during my sabbatical, contact Jenny and she should be able to direct you in an appropriate fashion. (And pray for her too!)

As my sabbatical approaches, I will offer more details to you so that you can pray for me as well – that I may make the best use of time so that I return refreshed, renewed, and ready to lead us in the way of Christ in the coming years.

Grace and peace! Rich


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